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MC Resu

Minecraft Resu is our newest project. It is part of our Server projects since October 2019. Citybuild, Skyblock, MiniGames and many more are going to be represented in this project.

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Unser Team


Legal Person, Owner

In charge of the project and head of legal and financial matters.


CTO, Owner

In charge of hardware and software of the project as well of the Settings.


Technical Support, Developer

In Charge of the Maps, as well as configuration of Minecraft Plugins.

VIP System

If you are enjoying the server and would like to support us, we would appreciate your donations and are happy to provide perks to our Donators and Supporters.


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Rules for the Minecraft Server (EN)

1.The Instructions from the Team members are absolute. They are to be followed under any circumstances!
2. Team Members are in Minecraft and Discord / website identified by their rank
3. It’s prohibited to pose as a team member.
4. Team Members will never ask for login information to your Minecraft account.
5.Criticism of Team Members can always be posted in the Forum in the Feedback area.
Complaints about Team members need to be given to the Team Leader.
6. Team Members have the power to make decisions on their own.

Rules for the Minecraft Server (EN)
1.Spam, Insults, Threats, and provocation towards other players are prohibited!.
2.Racial, political, ethically unacceptable and pornographic content (Slurs, Builds, pictures, etc.) are prohibited.
3.Advertising for deals unrelated to Resu-Gaming (Minecraft-Server, Discord Server, YT/Twitch Accoutns, etc) is prohitbited.
4.Any Real Life Deals are prohibited.
5.Personal and foreign data sharing is prohibited.
6.The distribution of links, unrelated to Resu-Gaming is prohibited.

Rules for the Minecraft Server (EN)
1.Any given username can be prohibited without cause on our server if the Team sees the chosen name is inappropriate
or harrasing to other players.
2.Items, Money, Property, etc that are lost because of Server faults or Lags /ItemClear will not be refunded.
Ranks/Permissions that were attained through Donations will only be transferred if the Adminitrators deem it appropriate.
3.Items, that were created through unauthorized modifications (Hacked clients, Cheats) and Server faults, have to be destroyed or handed over to a Team Member.
4.The exclusively built Server maps(including the Lobby) cannot be appropriated for personal or commercial use
unless written consent from the Server Administration has been received.
5.“Scamming“ (Stealing or Misconduct during trades) is strictly prohibited.
6.Offensive Skins are prohibited! A Team Member will decide if the Skin is offensive.
7.Ban Evading through Multiple or Alt Account is prohibited.
8.Any and all forms of evasion of the AFK-Plugin is prohibited.
9.Community-Events of any kind (Drop-, Excavation-, XP-, Container-, etc.) are allowed to any user. Should the Server start to lag or become unplayable due to the event, it is the responsiblity of the originators and they will be punished.
10. Any form of Bugusing, this means the intentional use of Server Faults is prohibited.
11. Teleport Traps are not allowed.

12. The Rules can be changed at any time.
13. Ignorance of the rules does not protect you from the consequences.

German Version